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Demigod Aesthetics
Wood Therapy
Vacuum Therapy Non-invasive BBL
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Non-invasive Lipo
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Zemits CoolRestore

Science Behind Cryo Therapy

This completely holistic and natural cryo treatment

helps to significantly enhance skin microcirculation,

thus accelerating the flow of oxygenated blood that

rejuvenates the skin from inside out.


CoolRestore Elegance facial is performed using

freezing temperatures to tighten, smooth, and

contour areas lacking elasticity.


These amazing results are achieved through

controlled dermal stress by extra low temperature

application, that helps to boost collagen and elastin



Skin Benefits

  • Boosts Collagen Production

  • Contours Jawline

  • Slims Double Chim

  • Reduces the Appearance of Lines and Wrinkles

  • Improves Blood & Lymphatic Circulation

  • Reduced Pigmentation and Inflammation

  • Shrinks Pores

  • Reduces Skin Discoloration

About Demigod Aesthetics

Quality over quantity, is our mission and our passion.

Demigod Aesthetics, Body Sculpting and Med Spa is Black owned and operated MedSpa. We believe that everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look, and our variety of services is suitable for every need. I offer affordable, safe and painless treatments for people of all ages. Our treatments include: laser hair removal, non-invasive lipo, cellulite treatments and reduction, wood therapy, ice body sculpting,  skin tightening treatments, "vajacials" (a skincare treatment for your intimate area), full body waxing, eyelash extensions, microblading, hydrafacials, and more!

Natural Beauty Models

Meana S., Washington, DC

“I LOVE MY EYELASH EXTENSIONS! Shannon has got me hooked. They look natural and sexy and not too much. I make sure I keep my fill-in appointments and the studio is so nice."

Lynette G., Clinton, MD

"This was my first time getting a vajacial and I had no idea what it all entailed...all I can say is that I'm now a regular and already booked my next 5 appointments."

Maria M., Alexandria, VA

“I've had various invasive surgeries, both elective and non-elective, that left me with scar tissue and my body not in the shape that I wanted it in. Despite working out, I still needed help in other areas...Shannon is a God Send! My cellulite and scar tissue, gone! XOXO”
Friends in Spa

What does "Demigod" mean?

"If we were made in His image, then call us by our names. Most intellects do not believe in God, but they fear us just the same."

- Erykah Badu, "On & On"

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