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Yoni Home Care
(Coming Soon)

Check back soon to purchase V-Steam/Yoni Steam, home care packages. These are good for periods of times when you cannot make it in for a spa treatment, on travel, or just want to pamper yourself at home. These are used to help your body naturally cleanse the vaginal and uterine linings in a safe, natural, and gentle way.

Anti-Cellulite & BBL Body Oil
(Coming Soon)

Made with all natural products of the finest quality, coming soon, is our homemade Anti-Cellulite and BBL Body Oil. This recipe is not only a secret family recipe, but one of the biggest demands from Demigod Aesthetics clientele. This oil is formulated to not only reduce/eliminate cellulite, but also to lift and firm the thighs and buttocks, to give the appearance of a BBL. This oil can also be used on the breast, but it is advised NOT to use on the abdomen or any area of the body that you are looking to reduce in mass/size.

Body Sculpting Ice
(Coming Soon)

Due to the demand our Body Sculpting Ice service and training, our home made Body Sculpting Ice will be available for purchase soon, for practicing body contour specialists, estheticians, or clientele that are interested in completing treatments at home with a partner. Check back soon to see the variety of Body Sculpting Ice, for fat reduction, anti-cellulite, detox, skin tightening, brightening, and more. 

Butt Enhancement Gummy Vitamins

Check back soon for our all natural butt enhancement vitamins. We will also offer a vegan option. Our butt enhancement vitamins balance your hormones and enhance your feminine curves. Check back soon to place order order. An email will go out to our current clients, once these are back in stock.

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